Master of Ceremonies

We believe that our Master of Ceremonies skills are extremely vital to the success of your reception or special event. Have you ever been to a wedding reception and you missed the cake cutting because nobody announced it properly? Have you ever seen someone try to give a speech with a soft voice or a nervous tremble? Can you believe that the number one fear in America is … public speaking? It’s true!

Finding a person who can speak clearly, eloquently and confidently in front of a crowd is not an easy task. Your guests need to be kept informed of every event that is coming up or is about to happen at your reception. When your wedding party is being introduced during the grand entrance, their names need to be pronounced correctly, no matter how unusual their names may be. We have gone out of our way to continually improve our capabilities and skills as the Master of Ceremonies for wedding receptions.

We have years of experience in public speaking. We even go so far as to introduce each additional person who might be toasting after the Best Man’s toast, because when the Best Man gets done, the crowd usually starts to talk amongst themselves. Then, if the next person toasting is not properly introduced by us first, the crowd will continue to talk at least halfway through the next person’s toast.

Getting your guest’s attention or making an important announcement that they will understand, requires a direct, clear voice and specially trained speaking skills. We look forward to hearing from you!